Are you a student interested in volunteering?

The Sunshine Legal Clinic’s mission is to improve access to legal services for individuals in and around Sun Prairie who could otherwise not afford them. In addition to assisting with client interviews and intake, students will be paired with the volunteer attorneys to provide 15-30 minute consultations to individuals seeking advice in the areas of family law, debt collection, tenant rights, immigration, criminal, small claims, employment, and more.

About this volunteer opportunity:

  • Participate monthly for approximately 2.5 hours
  • Training is provided with an orientation video
  • Work with clients on site at the Sunshine Supper location
  • Desired course or clinic experience:
    • Complete the online ethics course found here, prior to training for or beginning this opportunity
    • All law students are encouraged to apply
    • Spanish language ability a plus

To apply:

Submit letter of interest and resume to Attorney Joshua J. Kindkeppel at

Volunteer Scheduling:

  1. Please find your own replacement if you are unable to make it. The SLC contact list and schedule will be emailed to you.
  2. Notify other volunteers that are scheduled to work with you of your replacement.
  3. Please be on time. SLC starts at 4:30 PM. Arriving 10 minutes early is recommended so that volunteers have time to set up and be ready when the clinic opens at 4:30 PM.

Standard Procedures:

  1. The building will be open by 4:20 PM.
  2. Take the sandwich board (“Free Legal Clinic”), which is located inside the building and place it near the driveway entrance for the public to see.
  3. Place the intake forms and a pen on the front table.
  4. Advise Intake Volunteers of their role and duties.
  5. As participants arrive, ask each individual to sign in, guide them on filling out the intake form, and ask the participants to return the intake/disclaimer form to the Intake Volunteer.
  6. The Intake Volunteer will explain that participants need to wait until called for by a Volunteer Attorney.
  7. The Intake Volunteer will review the intake information and will assess the type of matter(s) the participant seeks assistance with and will attempt to match the participant with the most appropriate Volunteer Attorney.
  8. Each consultation session shall be approximately 15-30 minutes in length.
  9. The Volunteer Attorney will complete the remainder of the intake form at the end of the session.
  10. Make sure that the form is signed by the individual and by the attorney.
  11. At the end of the consultation session, place the completed intake form into the collection folder.
  12. At the end of the day, place the sign-up sheet, the intake folder, and any other materials on the front table.
  13. Take down any signs, shut down computer(s) and printer(s), and put any extra forms and supplies away.
  14. Make sure facility is locked.